Tropic Marin® PRO-CORAL MINERAL 1.8kg

Producător: TROPIC MARIN®
Cod produs: 25022
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220,00 LEI


Crystallized trace elements for the health and growth of all invertebrates

In a marine aquarium with a large invertebrate bio-mass, particularly of hard corals, trace elements in the water are quickly depleted. At the same time the concentration of macro-elements, such as sodium, chlorine and sulfate, continues to remain constant. Development and growth of resident organisms may be impaired due to this lack of trace elements and imbalance of ions.

PRO-CORAL MINERAL is a highly concentrated form of the trace elements that are contained in Tropic Marin®Sea Salt mixture. Regular additions of trace elements, as well as water changes, help to maintain a healthy environment for all invertebrates.


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