Teste de apa

Tropic Marin® Ammonium/Ammonia-Test
68,00 LEI

For determining the ammonium and ammonia concentration Ammonium is the product of nitrogen minera..

Tropic Marin® Hydrometru
173,00 LEI

High precision hydrometer for determining the specific gravity in aquariums Many tank inhabitants..

Tropic Marin® KH-Test
43,00 LEI

For determining the alkalinity (KH) The carbonate hardness (KH) or alkalinity of a water sample c..

Tropic Marin® LIME WOOD pentru bule fine de aer
8,50 LEI

For fine bubble formation in seawater aquariums Fine air bubbles are required in seawater aquariu..

Tropic Marin® Nitrite/Nitrate-Test
74,00 LEI

For determining the nitrite and nitrate concentration Nitrite (NO2–) and nitrate ions (NO3–) are ..

Tropic Marin® pH Test
46,00 LEI

For determining the pH-value in saltwater aquaria The pH value or “degree of acidity” indicates h..

Tropic Marin® PO4-Test
66,00 LEI

For determining the phosphate concentration Phosphates (PO43–) are important nutrients for all pl..